Lead Generation powered by machine learning

The perfect marriage between prospecting and technology

Lead Generation - Fill the top of your funnel

In order to land more sales, you need a consistent flow of contacts to prospect in the top of your funnel. Legion Analytic's Lead Generation uses machine learning to learn about your business in order to deliver quality contacts. Already have hundreds of customers? Terrific! Upload your current customers and lost opportunities to train Legion Analytics faster.

Why Legion Analytics?

  1. Daily contacts delivered to your dashboard
  2. Bulk contacts available
  3. Intelligently selected prospects
  4. Extensive database
  5. The Legion Analytics proprietary database

Lead Generation Features

Lead Profiles

User Feedback

Legion Insights

Segmented Lists

CRM Integration

Team Assignment

Lead Generation
Use our machine learning technology to find the best contacts for your business and convert them into leads. If you're a small agency you can start with a few contacts a day. Growing business? Request thousands of contacts from Legion to start qualifying.
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