Customer Relationship Management

Nurture your customer through their buyers journey to foster long lasting relationships.

Customer Relationship Management - Seamless end-to-end sales experience

Delight your customers with Legion Analytics' CRM. With a birds eye view of each account and customer profile you can ensure that you have the tools you need to both convert and retain your customers. Through live email tracking, automation, and contact generation, Legion Analytics allows you to manage your prospects, deals, and customers all while automatically fostering new relationships.

Why Legion Analytics?

  1. Know who clicks and opens your emails while its happening
  2. Team communication with prospects are logged into account profiles for holistic insights to past conversation
  3. Assign tasks to team members to alert them via email and in-app notifications
  4. Manage pipeline with your customized sales funnel
  5. View SDR's pipeline to ensure they hit quota

CRM Features

Legion Insights

Account Profiles

Engagement Logs

Employee Profiles

Team Visibility

A.I Sales Rep Integration

Customer Relationship Management
The Legion Analytics CRM allows you to track customer engagement, manage pipeline, and ensure your sales team is meeting quota. Directly integrated with Legion's suite of solutions, the Legion Analytics CRM is a powerful tool that fits seemlessly into your organization's workflow.
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