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"We've used at least 10 lead generation services for our team - most work OK but none are fantastic. I started using Legion 8 months ago and I can't imagine going back. Opening my email with new leads every morning is so simple, fits perfectly into my workflow, and makes my life so much easier. Not to mention the targeting has been excellent."

Brian Trautschold
Chief Operating Officer

"Legion Analytics saves me hours each week, allowing me to identify and work the warmest prospects. I love the automated email cadence, and I’ve doubled my demos booked rate since using Legion."

Marc Schechter
Senior Sales Manager

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Lead Generation
Use our machine learning technology to find the best contacts for your business and convert them into leads. If you're a small agency you can start with a few contacts a day. Growing business? Request thousands of contacts from Legion to start qualifying.
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Sales Automation
A.I. Sales Rep